How I cope with Train Delays and Cancellations:


Yes, we’ve heard all possible reasons- buckled rails, dry leaves on the rail track, signal failures, driver shortages etc. Waiting for the next coming train can be boring and stressful.The wait feels longer than normal. Uncertainty magnifies the stress of waiting.

But, how do we cope with trains often failing to arrive due to these unpredictable delays and cancellations?

How do we accept the reasons for the delays and still keep our cool and sanity intact? A better understanding of the psychology of waiting can help make those inevitable delays that repeatedly creeps into our lives, more bearable.

I have learnt how to cope and to make use of my time during these situations. This is how I do;

Read a nice and interesting book

Book ignites imagination. It opens our minds to the new world. Yes, you can be engrossed in a nice story line or an educative book in such a way that you don’t feel a 20 min train delay.

– Listening to my favourite music or inspirational podcasts

This usually lifts up my spirits and puts me in a positive mood. It gives me a sense of perspective with an understanding that these delays are out of my control, so there is no point fretting much about it.


Writing clarifies your thoughts. It helps you think about what happened and likely to happen.

Writing makes you smarter – it forces you to search for new vocabulary and makes you write more.

Writing solves problems – it helps you in coming with solutions.By identifying your problems you decrease your stress because you now have a focus on what needs to be done.

The process of writing removes both mental and physical stress, giving you a sense of calmness.

Indeed, my long- hours weekday commute to work has given me a motivation to write an e-book. Yes, an e-book is coming your way very soon. I know some readers have asked me about this.

Back to you my dear readers;

– Do you have any issue which is bugging you, which you would like me write about?

– Is there an area you would  like me write about?

– What is your most burning question in life?

– What do you find most challenging or difficult to do in life?

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