Is your Path Clear?

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Quite often we set upon a journey without making an effort to plan it first.

We rush through starting this journey because we are so  excited about the idea of reaching our destination and getting all the goodies it entails.

The euphoria blinds our eyes. Making us see only what we imagine will be.

Not seeing exactly what lie ahead.

In the moment of this excitement we forget that we need to clear this path first. We need to gather the survival tools which might be needed in case the weather changes. We need a slasher to clear the path covered by thorny bushes which might prick our legs. We need a coat in case the weather suddenly change and we start shivering from cold.

We need to be emotionally and physically strong.

Every day we walk on this path we need to see clearly what is in front of us.

We also need to see what is behind too. This will help us when things don’t work out as we expected, and we need to go back. Go back to take a new route. Take new direction. Go back up to the point where we are comfortable to restart our journey.

So we have to keep the path clean. We have to look after our body in order to have a clear mind. A clear mind which can weather all storms. A mind which can wait patiently while the storm passes. A mind which knows when to wait. A mind which learns to listen to the heart while waiting. A mind which knows that this waiting is not for ever.

This moment is a valuable time for learning and preparing for new things to come.

Your mind will eventually know when the waiting is over and tell you that this is the right time is right to strike.

Yes, the time to take action and make things happen.

This is when we really know that:

“Good luck is preparation meeting Opportunity!”