How to Overcome a Fear of House Spiders:

Spider 2Spiderspider 3Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders.

For most people just mentioning the word ‘spider’ or seeing one is enough to trigger a feeling of anxiety and hyperventilation. It is at this precise moment when logic goes out of the window and a person starts doing crazy things which most of the time cause unintended injury. Yes, we hear this all the time. Recently a certain mum leapt out of a moving car after seeing a spider, leaving a child inside the car. Anything could have happened there – maybe a collision with an oncoming car, the car could have hit a lamp post or even a pedestrian!

While this might seem a very irrational thing to do, we first need to understand the origin of phobias. What causes them? How does someone acquire them?

Usually they are due to a conditioned response after an encounter with a negative situation associated with spiders, and then it escalates to a fearful reaction to spiders. This could be something like a spider crawling on someone’s body or hearing weird stories about a spider killing someone.

The solution is not to show off this phobia like a badge whenever people talk about phobias. One needs to look for ways to overcome this phobia and learn how to react accordingly whenever they see these hairy creatures.

This could be:

  • Learning the positive aspects of spiders – knowing which types are harmful and which ones are not. For most spiders a bite is a defensive resort. Spiders are antisocial – they just want to be left alone.
  • Understanding that spiders protect human being by eliminating insects that could spread diseases around the house
  • Dispel myths about spiders. We often hear scare stories about spiders, but the ones found in the houses are usually harmless.A spider usually doesn’t attack humans on purpose. Depending on your reaction when you see it, it might try to defend itself. So, the key is not to panic and startle it but instead to try and keep calm and get rid of it accordingly
  • Understand that spiders have got their stake in the natural world we are all living.

Knowing that spiders help us with the housekeeping, so they shouldn’t be treated as public enemy number straight away.

Honestly speaking next time you hear someone gloating about having a phobia for spiders, make them aware that there are more important badges one can have but certainly not this one.