The Power of Letting go of the Past!


How many times have you held on to the past?

Holding to what is still paining and hurting. Holding on to what has happened and what you should have done differently.

Wondering, “Why me?”

Not realising that these very thoughts are weighing you down like shackles on your neck. Preventing you from moving forward. Not allowing your neck to lift up and see the wonderful things on the horizon.

Until when you realise that there is no perfect answer for such questions.

The thing is  before you reach there, you must first remove these very shackles.

Once this is done, you will feel lighter. You will  feel free to move forward and experience the beauty of life – free of resentment, revenge and anger.

Yes, as the saying goes, “The past is gone. It’s the future which matters”

This is when your soul feels enlightened. The head clears from all negativity and regrets of the past. You now feel optimistic about the future. You are now filled with  renewed energy .

The energy that will help you focus on your goals and make things happen.