How I overcame my Fear of Taking Cold Showers:

Turning the temperature to cold, I stared at the shower head for a good one minute. I hesitated, unsure whether what I was about to do will be worthwhile. Closing my eyes, I turned the shower on.

Ouch! I yelped and gave an almighty shriek. My heart was racing like it was about to jump out of my chest. I quickly turned the shower off.

Surely there must be an easier way, I thought while scrubbing my body with a soapy sponge……..

Ah, I was once told that one way of solving a big problem is to break it into small parts! This way it’s easier to tackle it while getting motivated in the process of doing small chunks, until the whole problem is resolved. Equipped with this unexpected wisdom, I turned the shower on to tepid warm, and rinsed my body. With an unaccomplished mission still burning inside my heart, I then turned on the shower to cold and let it splash my body.

Surprisingly there was no shriek or racing heart this time round. Could it be that my body was more prepared this time? Could it be that I wanted a cold shower so much that my mind overcame all the fear and feelings experienced before?Could it because my body responded better with this type of approach?

Anyway, within few seconds something rather strange suddenly happened;I felt this rush of heat engulfing my body – a sure proof that the blood inside my body was now flowing to my organs for protection, to keep them warm!

Research suggests that cold showers stimulates certain parts of brain which are associated with increased  body immunity, stress reduction and also areas responsible for fighting against depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. Proven as a natural way of increasing fertility, cold showers also improve blood circulation, reaching those difficult to reach areas. What a wonderful, affordable-to all way! No wonder James Brown called it a Wake-up Shower.

Having equipped with this small piece of wisdom, we now know that taking cold showers need not be a painful or unpleasant experience – we just need to do it the right way and we will reap the benefits associated with it.