How I Controlled Acid Reflux Naturally:


Anyone who has experienced an acid reflux will understand how annoying this problem can be.

A condition called hiatal hernia causes the acid to come out of your stomach instead of remaining where it is designed to be confined to. Under normal condition, after food passes into your stomach, a mascular valve closes, preventing food or acid moving back up. Acid reflux occurs when this valve relaxes inappropriately, allowing acid from stomach to flow (reflux) backwards into your mouth.

Usually it’s an unpleasant acidic taste which rises from the throat to the mouth , lingering on,  making food in the mouth taste weird. Left untreated, this problem can cause  a lot of health issues and generally make you feel miserable.

Below are few strategies which can keep acid reflux under control:

– Modifying your diet

Avoid large amounts of processed and sugary foods. Instead, eat lots of vegetables, non-acidic fruits and wholemeal grains. Consuming enough raw food(salads and fruits) will increase your body’s natural production of stomach acid. These foods also create good bacteria which eliminates the bad bacteria which caused acid reflux in the first place.

– Eliminates food that triggers this condition 

This can be caffeine, alchohol or nicotine products

– Drink plenty of water

We loose about 700ml of water from our bodies every day through skin and breathing. Another 100ml through faeces (i.e while food is processed in the big intestine), 1.5 litres as urine and 200ml in normal perspiration.

So, even living in a temperate climate your would require a 2.5 itres a day.

Water also neutralises the stomach when it produces too much acid.

– Implement an exercise routine

Physical exercise speeds up a sluggish body metabolism. It also improves your body’s immune system which is important to fight off different kinds of bacterial infections.

There are lots of convectional medicine which supposedly suppress or decrease the amount of acid in your stomach. More than often these just worsens the condition since they treat the symptons but not address the underlying cause. They can also cause terrible side effects.

Ultimately, the answer to control acid reflux is to restore the stomach’s natural balance and function. This is not only useful for good gut function, but it is also crucial for your long-term health.

Maintaining a good bowel flora, will help increase the stomach’s absorption of nutrients, aid in proper digestion and assimilation of food.


As always the advice on this article is for information purpose only.

It is not meant to replace a consultation with a health provider.