The Best way to Eliminate Belly and Abdominal Fat:

2Physical exercise 1Physical exercise 3Physical exercise 5

For quite a long time I struggled to shift the weight around my waistline, which clung on my body like an ivy clinging about an oak. Suffice to say, I wasn’t successful on this exercise.

Any woman who has had children will understand what I mean. Yes, I have children.Two of them.I wasn’t successful in getting a flat tummy after my first one and by the time I had my second child, my tummy was visibly bigger.
I tried different diets but the fat around my waistline didn’t bulge.

Resigning into the whole thing, I decided that I am going to forget about diets and instead concentrate on eating healthily (plenty of fruits and vegetables), eat less junk food at the same time keeping an eye on my food portions.

I also started doing some simple physical exercises as shown above.